About Us

Since 1954, the Emily name has been synonymous with quality work at a fair price. My grandfather, Bud Emily, believed in doing the best job possible, without cleaning out the customer’s wallet. He passed on this philosophy to his sons, and they passed it on to me.

As a third generation water well professional, I have seen the changes in the industry over the years, and have adapted to those changes, without sacrificing quality. Older systems require knowledge in the “old ways”; with new systems, you must keep up with the new products and improvements. I’ve been able to work with and learn the old and the new, using the best from both, giving me the ability to tackle just about anything that comes along.

No two water systems are exactly the same, but the quality should always be the same. For the same quality service that has spanned over 50 years, give me a call. Being out of water is bad; quality at a fair price is good.