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PREPAREDNESS — Being able to DEPEND on your water supply makes all the difference 

In a rural area, it's not a matter of IF the power goes out... it's a matter of WHEN and FOR HOW LONG.

Maybe you simply want backup under current conditions. Or you are thinking about being safe in possible future circumstances. Either way, if you are reading this, you'll likely want a simple, ultra-reliable pump that doesn't rely on the grid. It's not a matter of "IF" such a pump is a good idea... it's a matter of which pump.

The Simple Pump offers many unique advantages.


Simple Pump is THE ONLY HAND PUMP that can fill your pressure tank and give you full use of all your household plumbing.


Maybe you are running a submersible pump now. Simple Pump can be your hand-operated back-up - right alongside the submersible, in most wells. Or it can be your off-grid primary pump, hand or solar-motorized, in just a small and economical 4” well.


It operates happily in frozen-solid ground - because of a weep-hole that lets the top four to eight feet drain out. (Whatever depth you need.)

The picture shows an amazed neighbour pumping in the depths of winter. (You don't normally bend over to pump like that --- he's standing an quite a bit of snow too!)


There’s no other hand pump that offers this feature --- you can have a hand pump now and upgrade, literally in minutes, to motorized, even years in the future. But if you're cut off in the middle of winter and a fuse blows, you can be back operating with a hand lever in about five minutes.

Then the motor's low power draw and high efficiency make it ideal for running on solar. You can set up either with batteries, or you can run DIRECTLY from the solar panel (and then store water rather than storing electricity to pump water). Depending on your needs and insolation, you can likely run the motor on one or two 130W solar panels.


Normal easy-to-do maintenance consists of replacing a set of seals once every five years.


It's crucial - possibly life-saving crucial - that your pump works when you need it. Simple Pump --- the disadvantages of older pumps GONE --- then add modernized materials and manufacturing methods. The result... THE modern hand water pump... A pump based solidly in the tradition of hand-operated pumps, but with space-age efficiency and reliability — an incredibly durable and efficient water pump that can last - and we do mean this literally - for generations.

Easy to install, operate, maintain, and use.


Quality, features, hand/motor/solar ability in one pump, and moderate price,

There LITERALLY is nothing that can match it.